Valentin & The Widow:
The Flowers of Mrs Moore

Art by AK Fedeau.

Book Two in the Valentin & The Widow series.
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Havana, Cuba. 1924.

The Moore School is a finishing school for young ladies. Behind its elegant walls, beneath the cover of its flower-arranging and music classes, it harbours a dark and deadly secret.

The widow Eleanora Rosewood and her valet Sacha Valentin travel to Cuba to meet with the enticing yet intimidating headmistress, Mrs Moore, and uncover the secrets of her school. What is its connection to the wicked organisation known as Dominion? What dangers are posed by lascivious music master Aldrich Kaiser and forthright chaperone Sunna Van Sant? Will this finishing school mean the end for Valentin and the Widow?

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Part One (35 mins)
The investigation into the Moore School begins with a Havana bar brawl. (MP3)

Part Two (35 mins)
Valentin goes undercover, and Eleanora steps in to the lioness’s den. (MP3) 

Part Three (40 mins)
Secrets are revealed, but it may come too late to save Eleanora Rosewood from herself! (MP3)

Part Four (40 mins)
A terrible death necessitates an unexpected retreat, and Mrs Moore makes her move. (MP3)

Part Five (45 mins)
Valentin meets his match, Eleanora uncovers the truth, and the young women face the flames. (MP3)

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