Valentin & The Widow:
The Mandrake Machine

Art by AK Fedeau.

Book One in the Valentin & The Widow series.
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Shanghai, China. 1924.

Eleanora Rosewood  travels to Shanghai on the trail of a doomsday machine of her late husband’s design. Faced with immediate danger, she enlists the aid of an exiled and troubled Russian sailor, Sacha Valentin.

Together they venture into the cosmopolitan underworld of Shanghai, where they encounter cunning assassins, a dashing young spy, and the diabolical gangster Madam Mandragora. Our heroes must be unflinching in the face of danger as they attempt to save the city from destruction at the hands of a wicked secret society.

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Part One (73 mins)
Eleanora Rosewood arrives in Shanghai on the trail of her late husband’s legacy and immediately falls into trouble. (MP3)

Part Two (35 mins)
Sacha Valentin stages a diversion so that Eleanora can investigate the Mandrake Palace night club. (MP3)

Part Three (40 mins)
Our heroes struggle to escape the Mandrake Palace. A mysterious stranger comes calling in the night. (MP3)

Part Four (35 mins)
Eleanora turns to an old friend for help, and Valentin makes contact with a dashing foreign spy. (MP3)

Part Five (30 mins)
Our heroes are driven off the road and forced into a gunfight, and Valentin pays a visit to a dangerous man. (MP3)

Part Six (40 mins)
Shanghai is shaken, and our heroes make a last ditch effort to save the city – at any cost. (MP3)

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