Valentin & The Widow:
Paris Pas De Deux

Art by AK Fedeau.

Book Four in the Valentin & The Widow series.

Paris, France. 1924.

Dominion has devised a weapon that can kill everyone in a room except the people they want to save. When a Paris showgirl witnesses its power first hand, she calls on Eleanora Rosewood for aid.

For Eleanora the return to the city of love stirs up memories of the man she lost – and brings her into contact with some unexpected echoes of that great romance. The city also holds an unusual place in Valentin’s history. This was the scene of his heartbreak, and Valentin is forced to come to terms with his past.

Ebook novella coming soon at Amazon and Smashwords.

Listen to the free audio serial through your preferred podcast distributor, or use the links below to open or save the MP3 files.

Part One (50 mins)
Showgirl Adeline witnesses a massacre, and Eleanora and Valentin return to a city with resonant memories for them both. (MP3)

Part Two (40 mins)
Eleanora attends the Rosewood Ball and encounters an unexpected guest, and Valentin meets a violent romantic. (MP3)

Part Three (40 mins)
Valentin recounts the secret history of Sacha and Mikhail, and Eleanora encounters the Baroness. (MP3)

Part Four (40 mins)
Sacha confronts Bravanti at the theatre, Eleanora faces Peter at the rally, and Adeline’s lover takes her shot. (MP3)

Part Five (40 mins)
As the Calliope threatens to topple a nation, Eleanora is forced to make a sacrifice, and Sacha meets with an old enemy. (MP3)

To be continued in Book Five: Powderkeg.
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