Valentin & The Widow:
Thrones & Principalities

Art by AK Fedeau.

Book Three in the Valentin & The Widow series.

Cairo, Egypt. 1924.

The Dominion trail leads to Cairo, where the last of the Moore School girls is linked to a state visit by the Prince of Wales. Does Fidelia Fitzherbert pose a threat to the Royal Family of the United Kingdom?

From the thrill and spectacle of the circus to the shadowy depths of an ancient tomb, conspiracies entwine on the Egyptian sands. Eleanora and her sullen valet must tangle with assassins, occultists, and enemies old and new. The fate of innocent lives – and perhaps of an Empire – hang in the balance.

Ebook novella coming soon at Amazon and Smashwords.

Listen to the free audio serial right here or through your preferred podcast distributor, or use the links below to open or save the MP3 files.

Part One (40 mins)
Eleanora Rosewood travels to Cairo on the search for a young woman caught up in a terrible conspiracy. (MP3)

Part Two (35 mins)
Assassins strike at the circus, Valentin faces a merciless opponent, and Eleanora learns more about the Fitzherbert affair. (MP3)

Part Three (40 mins)
Valentin faces unique temptations and our heroes venture into the forbidding tomb of an ancient prince. (MP3)

Part Four (35 mins)
Eleanora comes face-to-face with the enemy, and Miss Carys Pritchard concocts a regrettable plan. (MP3)

Part Five (40 mins)
In which the fate of the Empire hangs in the balance, and blood is spilled in the desert. (MP3)

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